Raspberry Pi CM3+

Has anyone put a CM3+ into a DDR2 RAM slot in a old desktop PC and got it working?
If yes, how did you download the OS onto the CM3+? Is the CM3+ able to access the PC’s peripherals?
What OS are you running on the PC?


I very much doubt it. The CM3 may use the same socket as SODIMM memory modules, but the pin connections are completely different.

The compute module is targeted at system developers who want access to different peripherals, not available on a “standard” pi, and already have their own board ready to slot the compute module into.

If you are just starting to use the Raspberry Pi, then the CM is probably not the board for you. Start with a Pi3 or the just released Pi4.

If you want to continue with the CM3, then you will probably want to get a developer kit.

These are hard to come by these days, and you can get a few Pi4s for the same price.