Raspberry Pi IQaudio DAC Pro [PREORDER] (CE07563)

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IQaudio DAC Pro is Raspberry Pi’s highest-fidelity audio output HAT. It uses the Texas Instruments PCM5242 DAC to deliver outstanding signal-to-noise ratio performance from a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+, 2, 3, and 4, and supports balanced/differential output in parallel to phono/RCA line level output. It also includes a dedicated headphone amplifier.

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Is there a heatsink case available to suit raspberry pi 4 with the IQaudio DAC Pro ? Something like the Flirc or Argon One cases would be ideal

welcome to the core forum community josh…

i`ll take one of those…price seems fair…

you could adapt it to the argon one case to sit above it with a couple oh 40 pin header extenders…one or two and then use stand off`s opposite the pin side of the board the headers would hold the board on the pin side while the tapped standoffs would hold the opposite side…

argon may have some designs in the loop but i am not shore maybe core will come out with some type of add-on mounting bracket to suit the argon case …but wait for core to respond to see what they have to say…

what are you looking for in a case then once you know what you would like we can guide you better,?? @josh58231

read my latter post below…pls…

have a look at these josh…

it would fit this nicely

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Hey Josh,

Unfortunately, we don’t have a whole lot of options in the way of cases in general that will fit a DAC HAT, however we do have the Argon Nanosound ONE Case.

It has an onboard Hi-Fi DAC (Digital Analog Converter) designed for Audiophiles and also supports a large number of music services including Spotify, Web Radio, Qobuz and Tidal. It also has all the passive and active cooling features of the standard Argon ONE case. Hope this helps!

Hi Josh,

I actually had someone ask me a similar question about this today. There are a couple of small companies making cases for them, but nothing official. I did find some neat ones on Thingiverse that are frankly far better than the current ones for sale:

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i think that the “neo” would be ok if they made a different top for it…you may be able to modd it your self if you have the right tools…not shure on the height though.,.i don’t have a neo case maybe core may custom an add-on top cover for it…??

even with the m-2 cases you loose the clipped connectors for the camera …maybe that is something else that needs to be addressed by argon as well the cabling would be an issue just lenth wise mostly but the neo has the cutouts for the clipped connectors…so may be more compatible and so on…

the middle plate with a hole cutout to let cooling into the board so to add air flow some cut out slits in the top for extra breathing room…maybe use thin metal plate or use acrylic plastic.with holes for audio connectors.to protrude etc…
add some tapped standoffs to support the dac board series…there are a few ways that i do think are possible a few options/possibility’s to look at i guess.
and.to have a grip mount magnetics Magnet to Magnet embossed into the top and middle housings and not slide…i would like to add with this heatsink {below}

my rpi-4 and sink and argon hat

i kept it around 40 degrees with the cpu@2200 with just the argon fan hat no case or housing just supported by stand offs when i brought it it is a low profile and it does fit quite snugly and it sits longways on top of the cpu still allowing for all the gpios and other connectors to be accessed.

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thank you everyone for the feedback. The Argon Nanosound One is the end goal but outside my budget. I think for now I’ll stick to the Flirc case and add a ribbon cable out to the DAC Pro… I have time to wait for the preorder and there’s bound to be some really good heatsink cases come along for the Pi4 with IQAudio gear


Hi Josh and Brian,

The Flirc with a ribbon to break out seems like the best way to go at the moment. As Brian said there may be a way to modify the neo to suit, but I don’t have the DAC hat here at the moment to be able to confirm the changes that you would need to make. Also, since the Neo and Flirc are both conductive, be sure to be careful not to cause any shorts with the HAT which could potentially damage the Pi. I agree it should be possible, but it’s a question of how many changes need to be done in order for it to function. Another option would be to take a look at some GPIO stacking headers to get it further away from the cases if it fits. Be sure to jump into the online chat and ask once both the parts you want to check are in stock if you’d like the team here to measure it up locally. Have a great day! :smile:

i have one of those headers and i have the fan hat but i would do things a little different like adding my nocture and mounting the fan hat board else where so as to have a hole bored into the middle plate of the 3 part case drilling holes into the side of the top for the audio dac rcas and so on ..etc..not shure exactly how i would do it all id have to have the parts and since i like the amplified board i may just order one of those instead…many options…etc…i like the case i could fit my m-2 affixed to the top of the case with out too much trouble…i`m thinking i will buy the Neo case and take it to the machine shop and see what they can do,i don’t have access to the correct tools atm but also thinking i will hook the fan directly to the rpi without the argon and make use of the ardino to run both the tacho and the fan if somebody could re-code my tacho program it should not be that hard i don’t think…still throwing round ideas at present,