Raspberry pi pico issue in uploading library

I’m working on a project and I need to use libraries like spidev, gTTS, etc. But I’m unable to upload these libraries to pi pico. How do I do that? I downloaded gTTS from PyPi and uploaded that folder to raspberry pi pico but while running a code I’m getting error that module gtts not found.


Hey Sakshi,

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Which IDE were you using?

The following is for Thonny:
Once you have access to the REPL (I didnt have to hold the BOOTSEL button just plug it in and restart the backend) you right click the library and upload to the Pico.

You wont have to keep the libraries in the folder the main directory of the Pico keeps everything easily accessable.

Could you screenshot your IDE (make sure you dont have any private details on the screen) so we can take a look?

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Thanks for your reply
I’m using Thonny IDE.
I was trying to upload through Tools→Manage packages→library then following error popped up.


Happy to help!!
This error looks to be coming from the actual installation of the module rather than getting it on the Pico.

Take a look at this issue over on the Thonny Git here to install it: Issue installing most libraries · Issue #1677 · thonny/thonny · GitHub

Making sure that each library can run in micropython is also a consideration you have to take into account/alternative libraries.

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Yes, Thanks. I’ll check that.