Raspberry Pi Pico Workshop for Beginners

Hey peeps, got something exciting: “Raspberry Pi Pico Workshop for Beginners”

We have been hard at work for quite a while now creating this Pico Workshop. It’s designed to take someone with little to no experience with microcontrollers, Micropython or electronics, and get them up to speed enough so they can go out and start making their own projects. If you have any questions relating to the course, or you get stuck somewhere, or just have a general question about something we covered, feel free to pop it in here.

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Nice! Looks great.


Nice one @Jaryd.
I learned a lot listening to 1.5 Powering The Pico & Safety. Basics like not putting it on a metal or how to handle a micro controller. Good habbits I bypassed in my rush to see how many polarized capacitors need to explode before the LED turns on out of pity. Nice to slow down and learn some technique.
Pix :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Glad you got something out of it, the metal bench is always one that catches people off guard ahaha.



Hey yall, Chapter 2 just released.

We finally get into some serious action with digital and analog inputs, PWM signals, some more MicroPython basics, as well as some practical knowledge of circuits and electrical power.