CircuitPython for the Pico!

Hi folks! I’m the lead for Adafruit on CircuitPython and just wanted to say hi! I’ve been working hard adding support for the Raspberry Pi Pico to CircuitPython. You can find it here: Pico Download

You should find that most of your existing CircuitPython tutorials work on it too! The APIs are the same except for the snazzy PIO.

I’ve signed up to the forum and set it to email me when mentioned. So, feel free to mention me if you have any tricky CircuitPython questions you need answered. You can also find me as @tannewt on the Adafruit Discord server:



Nice work, thanks Scott! Nice livestream on the Pico and RP2040 the other day too :slight_smile:


Thanks! Will be streaming this week about the Pico too! I’m hoping to have some audio playing.


Hi Scott,

The CircuitPython Pico port has been working great for my own experiments, well done for a smooth day-one launch :slight_smile:

It’s also great to see how you are exploring Pico’s PIO; I’m sure running WS2812B’s and the like just got a whole lot more interesting (and efficient)!


Great! Thanks! We’ve got more work to do on it too.

Yup, it was easy to implement neopixel_write with PIO and get the timing to be exactly what I wanted. I think we’re going to see lots of interesting PIO use over time.

(Livestream link for those who missed it: Deep Dive w/Scott: RP2040 on Raspberry Pi Pico #adafruit #raspberrypipico #rp2040 - YouTube Will be streaming this Friday at 2pm Pacific too.)