Raspberry Pi Workshop 25/3/17

We're happy to announce the first run of our weekend Raspberry Pi Beginners Workshop!

This time around we had a father-sons trio. There's definitely an interest trend amongst our workshop participants - in every workshop there's always been at least one person with plans to put together a car-computer for telemetry and entertainment.

There was a good mixed-bag of experience in the room, with a couple arduino veterans and a shared interest in computer science. Thanks to the smaller number of participants and the flexibility afforded by the weekend pace, we were able to cover a bit more than is typical for our regular week-night workshops.

This time around we were able to delve deeper into Python and BASH scripting, and we mixed things up a bit - we smashed out the structured content for the workshop so we had time for some more programming demos and even got into workflow and debugging.

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You might have to show us all how the Car Pi goes together Michael? Sounds like a fun project.