Raspberry Pi Workshop 9/8/17

Last week I had the pleasure of running another Raspberry Pi for Beginners Workshop in our ever-improving Knowledge Factory. While some participants had a brush with the world of retro-gaming on a Raspberry Pi, most had never interacted with one before and this workshop hopefully got them skilled-up with Bash, Python, and electronics to pursue their own projects.

Getting started with Raspberry Pi can be a bit intimidating, a great way to learn-on-the-fly is to find a project that interests you and copy it. Sometimes something goes wrong - some error occurs or some file needs to be modified. For a complete beginner, these experiences can be a real hurdle. Our free, in-house workshop aims to equip you with core skills for wielding your Pi, ultimately helping to get projects done. If you can't make it to an in-house workshop, we've got you covered with our free Online Raspberry Pi Course.

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