Raspberry Pi Workshop 30/8/17

Even though I have plenty of material prepared for these workshops, no two are exactly alike. That's the beauty of the in-house Raspberry Pi workshop - there's always a thought-provoking question or some hurdle (read: bugs in code) that requires us to go a little offroad to resolve. This is where the workshops truly show their value. You get to roll your sleeves up and compress an entire weekend of learning into just two hours. Along the way, if any question at all arises, there's an opportunity to ask and get an immediate answer! 

Here's a snap from last night's workshop - when your code runs just right.

Some hot-tips from this week's workshop:

  • Quickly change to your user's home directory by executing cd. That's right, just by itself.
  • You can set commands up to run sequentially with && eg try: echo The current time is  && date
  • The up-arrow key scrolls through your command history
  • Access your full command history with history, and re-execute an entry with !# where # is the number of that entry.

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The up key scrolling through terminal command history is actually the hottest tip ever for n00bs. Sounds like a blast Michael!

That sounds really cool!