Raspberry Pi ZERO Displays

Hi everyone,
i have added a couple of Raspberry Pi ZERO’s to my collection.
I have also purchased some extra bits and pieces (HATS) and one display to date.
I have found a couple of other displays that i may purchase.
While searching the other night i found a PI ZERO compatible screen display and it showed a photo of the back of the display with the Pi ZERO attached, the screen is approx 4 inch from memory.
I have searched everywhere for this screen but cant seem to find this particular one.
The others i am looking at are also 4" so they would appear the same from behind, narrow ZERO plugged in.
The only reason i am asking is i am just trying to confirm i have found all that are available.
Anyone have any suggestions.
Thanks for your time

Hi everyone,
just wanted to let you all know those with Pi Zero’s, i have done a heap of searching and have found a good variety of nice screens.
Both WITH and WITH-OUT touch screen.

Here’s one that I found.


Cheers Dave

Hi Dave,

I’m not personally familiar with the Pi-Zero screens, but good luck in your search!