Raspberry rpi spi bus want t

does the raspberry pi have an spi bus gpio pins on the board if so can some body pls inform me of the bot the tx rx pins and power range sported i have i think a 16 Mb add on memory board that runs on the spi bus lines… i may be able to provide with help a programmable boot loader that you can text mode select at boot the sd-card or any usb port …also with the correct support nay be able to choose between booting of either the usb-2 port s or the usb 3 ports, this all may be possible within writing into the spi bus, depending on my help … i have re written kernels before,but am very rusty… i would be at first writing this for Debian as it works on arm 64 the ones i had been on the tipple boot spi boot mode select screen via a text … like a grub text screen before booting giving at hand choice of manual selection… instead of writing and re-flashing the boot-loader,there is so much rattling round up in my mind i am getting old… but ideas like “petitboot” which is a Debian Linux freeware program as far as i know… can be writing into a spi bus ram chip @ 2k`s a second from mem … i know guys that have bus as memoorydone this and on arrch 64 …and know of other boards that have it standard … why unnecessary re-flash of the boot loader just for the sake of choosing a media to boot from…etc…etc…“here”:::

and i own one of these::

I want to connect it to the spi bus as memoorydone to store petitboot into it…we did it and it works with Arch 64 or arm 64 , but we had to flash the chip and write a custom kernel…but most of the work is done and may well be done just using the USD chip not with raspbiaian on it but the bootloader petititboot program it’s self it sort of looks at the SD card it then looks at whatever is on the USB lines or bus finds the bootable devices then it’s your choice could not be easier I guess, then my chip is not even needed or just have the bootloader look at the USD card first and set it into sd-card mode bootloader only so once the SD card is read then it looks at the USB lines/bus etc,etc.i dunno…um I think that it could be simple…if seen as an idea by the right people…I guess I should be putting this on raspbiaian. forum but they would just laugh prolly…?

Certainly does have an SPI bus. Maybe even more than 1, but I haven’t checked. There is a tutorial in the Core learning centre.


thank you i will have a read 2 day after some sleep…

Here is another reference for the RPi, and up to 6 SPI buses available on the various boards.


thanks… i have not delved into it to deep but getting petitboot to run of sd-card is up with one of my things to do