SPI setup 2 devices, Pi 4

Hi I need to use 3.5 touch screen ( SKU: CE04868) and a RFID reader writer (SKU: CE07140).
Both are using shared SPI pins. I need to know how to assign the pins to allow the devices to work.
I can make them work as separate units but not together.

That’s correct and perfectly OK. It is the chip select pin (CS) pin which determines which device on the SPI bus is be addressed. Make sure the devices are using unique pins for CS when you define them in the code.

Check the Learning Centre for a tutorial on the SPI bus.

Is there a tutorial I can use, as I am new to the Pi world.

I have linked a couple of references in the following thread:

That’s excellent Peter! Glad to hear it. If you’re interested in learning all the basics in a formal sense I’d take a look at the workshop we’ve got totally free and online, I’ve linked it for you below. If there’s anything else that you need please let us know.


P.S. Here’s a bunch of tutorials on various Pi, make sure to send us an email if you have suggestions for more and we’ll see what we can do.

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