Raspikey (eMMC) Durability vs SD Card

Hi guys,

Product reference:

I am building an off-grid IoT device that will continually turn on and off abruptly throughout the day for power savings.

I wanted to know if eMMC memory is capable of sustaining this type of treatment such that SD cards cannot without becoming corrupted?


Hi Samuil,

From memory the main cause of corruption with micro SD’s is power being cut while a write it taking place, if you have a look at Cores ‘read only microSD’ guide you should be able to put quite a few more hours into your cards before they need to be reflashed.

I’m also curious, is there a reason why you have to use a Pi over a microcontroller?


Hi Samuil
Re Micro SD cards. I have one in my dash cam and so would thousands of others and it is switched on and off every time I start the car. BUT I believe the on board back up battery looks after recording the last segment before the dash cam actually switches off so I think Liam’s statement re corruption is correct.
Cheers Bob


Unfortunately that may not work for me because I am receiving files in the 1GB range (not small enough for an Arduino’s capacity) and then having to transfer them across to different servers before deleting them meaning if it corrupts

I am actually familiar with the read-only SD card, however I am not sure if it suits my application (which is actually a good question you followed up with),essentially I will be receiving 1GB files, then transferring them across to separate servers and then deleting it off of the Pi.

Do you believe read-only would work for my use case?

With regards to Arduino’s, the problem is I do not believe they have enough storage (not sure what the maximum I could achieve with them, at most I would need 16-32GB, please correct me if I am mistaken. I am also unsure if they can also take github repo’s like Pi’s do, but I would love to use an Arduino for the power saving measures.


Thanks Robert


Hi Samuil,

If you only need to capture stuff then send it could you just keep it in RAM until it has to be sent?

Depends what kind of data you need, you could use an SD card module to store it, how come you need a full repo? Changing the filename will let you keep some sort of versioning plus a backup.

If you could shed some more light into your project that would help everyone on the forum immensely to get you the best answers for your project