Regarding Hobby servo signal mixing

Hello, I am position controlling an actuator. I use a hobby servo tester where the pot on the servo tester is rotated to create position control of the actuator. I want to introduce a second input signal so that the position of the actuator will reflect the sum of the two inputs. One way to do this seems to be to use a second servo tester as the source of the second signal. Then I would need to mix the two signals to create the overall signal for positioning the actuator [ I assume].
Is it possible to mix servo signals ? Is is possible to adjust the mix?
I am pretty sure I could do this with potentiometers and then run the pot signals to a hacked servo tester but first, can the actual servo signals be mixed? P

Hi Phillip,

The signal that controls a servo is PWM (pulse width modulated). The servo detects the time between pulses to determine the position that its being commanded to. There is no way to mix or combine this signal. You can easily achieve your goals with two potentiometers, an Arduino Uno, and a bit of code.

Here is an example of how to control a servo:

Here is an example of how to use a potentiometer to control a servo:

You could also wire in two potentiometers to the servo tester. The two Pots would need to have a resistance of half the original pot.

ok, thanks Stephen… two pots wired to a servo tester will be fine P

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