Pulse stream manipulation

Hi, I thought it would be simple!. I am moving an actuator using hobby servo $2 tester. This works fine. I hacked the control electronics out of a common servo and connected it to the actuator etc . However I need to tune the stroke of the actuator for any given rotation of the servo tester. The servo tester potentiometer was removed so I can change its Potentiometer value with a remote Pot but… changing Pot values does not seem to have any effect. This Potentiometer is fitted to the end of a shaft so that it rotates with the shaft and … as I said, the " gearing" between shaft rotation L/R and actuator extension/ retraction needs to be adjustable. One way to do this would be to gear the Potentiometer to the shaft but that’s messy. I need an electronic solution that can " stretch" or " shorten" the pulse stream [ I think]. This would then alter the " gearing" between the shaft rotation and the actuator motion and I could then tune the effect. Any suggestions?

Hi Phillip,

It sounds like you are really complicating things here. This could be very simply solved with an Arduino Uno and a simple sketch. Here are a couple tutorials to help you out!

Thanks Stephen… I guess so. I thought that changing the pot value in the servo tester would change the way the servo tester generated the pulse flow[ L/R] but it does not seem to work that way. I can see the advantage of programming thanks… P

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