Remotely controlling 12volt dc motor

Hi, I’m a total novice at electronics although I have built a cnc machine using steppers. I’m trying to roll a 150mm pvc pipe remotely and experimenting using a RC 4WD using it’s tyres which gives me Forward and reverse remotely. It works but not so well, I’m thinking of getting your DC geared motor 50rpm which I’ll have to connect to some type of gear drive. Question…how do I remotely control the dc motor

Hi Don,

When you say remote control, how important is it that your project has wireless control? Would a knob to throttle up and down your machine be sufficient, because that will be far cheaper and easier to implement.
Some of our motor controllers (as opposed to motor drivers) can handle a potentiometer input so you can have a simple control knob.

Can you give me a link or an SKU number for the motor you were considering? That will determine the size of the motor driver or motor controller required to run it.

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