Remote control for BLDC Motor


I am loking to remote control my two bldc motor. The setup has each motor attached to a motor controller that are both connected by an Arduino Due. I need the remote control to simple control the pwm signal inputted. It just needs to go from 0 - 100% speed. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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Hi Timothy,

We’ll need more info on your motors to make a good recommendation, as they vary a bit in their wiring and capabilities.

The first thing that comes to mind is SparkFun’s board based on a TMC brushless control IC, I’d have a read through the description, especially the caveats about required PWM capabilities (this may mean your Due isn’t suitable, but I’m not sure at a glance)

Thanks for the response. I have a JD-Power DCH-9026J (High Quality Jd-power Dch-9026j Dc High Torque Flat Gimbal Hollow Shaft Brushless 12v 24v Motor With Switch Hall Sensor - Buy Brushless Dc Motor,Bldc Motor,24v Dc Motor Product on I have a ZS-X11H motor controller attached. I just need a compatible remote control device that can link up to the systems.


Hi Timothy,

At first glance, I was thinking an RC servo control system would be appropriate, but that only has a small variance in duty cycle as that’s what servos expect:

Perhaps a serial radio would be a good idea? That way you can have a microcontroller on the remote side reading a pot, and your Due taking in serial data and outputting PWM.

What sort of range do you need? That decides what sort of radio I should suggest.

Relatively short range is needed. Only 100m max

Hey sorry with the serial radio options what does that entail