RF Sniffing with 433Mhz link kit?

Hi Makers,
I’m trying to use the 433mhz rf link kit to sniff the rf codes from some remotes, with zero luck. I’ve tried using both an Arduino and Raspberry pi connected to the receiver and I do not get any meaningful data. I’ve managed to get nothing but zeros and an oscillating waveform when I’ve graphed the output using matplot. any ideas? I just hope it isn’t just the receiver fried.


What remotes are you trying to decode, and what devices do they typically control?

Hi @Conleth75061

Reason for asking about the remotes is that some remotes such as garage door openers have security features to make this very difficult.

This thread may be relevant to you:

Hi, sorry for not getting back earlier.
I’m trying to decode some dooya dc2700 remote signals that are connected to some motorised blinds, I know it’s been done using tasmota and mqtt however it’s a mess to get working. I changed the receiver and get some form of signal however I’m trying to reemit the signal in an arduino and stuck again, I’m currently trying the route of reemiting the exact digital signal received