Dooya curtains Home automation with raspberry pi 4

Looking for a python program and 433mhz transmitter to open and close Dooya curtains.
Dooya curtain come with remote controller DC2702 so far I have found that it works on OOK_PWM Modulation

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Am I correct in thinking there is a proprietary remote control that is designed to work with these curtains so that other 433MHz devices won’t accidentally be opening and closing your curtains from stray signals?
Typically we’d need to know a lot about how the manufacturer sends commands to the receiver to be able to emulate it with a different transmitter in the same brand.
One possible option around this would be to modify an existing Dooya remote control so that you can effectively send button presses to the remote via your Python program. This would basically be replacing the pushbuttons on the remote with outputs from a microcontroller or something similar.

Do you have some more details about what you’re trying to achieve, then we can give some clearer advice on what might be the best path to getting there?

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Hi Udara,

I admire your dedication to doing things the hard way, but in your position, if I was unable to emulate the remote signals, I would just remove the PCB from the remote you have, emulate button presses, and wrap the whole thing up in a nice enclosure.

I’d take a look at Liam’s excellent post on the matter:

If that doesn’t do it for you, we can dig deeper into the radio side of things. My suspicion is either of those libraries isn’t working as you expect, or the Dooya blinds have some kind of incrementing code or something like that.


Hi James
Just for information I looked at that link for SN74HC4066N and the Mouser web site says this IC is to be discontinued as the manufacturer is ceasing production. Probably dropping through hole in favour of surface mount.

I have noticed this a bit lately where only the surface mount versions are available. You can’t really blame them as almost everything commercial you buy now is this “new” format and the only ones looking for through hole devices seem to be us “old” characters. Just have to learn to use this stuff but firstly where does one readily purchase these bits
heers Bob

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Hi Robert,

The move to surface mount is a blessing and a curse for the hobbyist. On the one had you can assemble compact PCBs where you can solder 50 joints in 5s, but it rules out good old fashioned 0.1" prototyping on a breadboard. There have been efforts to remedy this, like SMT protoboards or breakouts:

Gotta be careful I don’t derail this thread :slight_smile:

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Hi Udara,

Could you share a bit more about your hardware setup? What are you using to get these timings? Do you have an oscilloscope or logic analyser? How are you demodulating the signal? Where are you finding info on this radio protocol? Could you link that?

Could you share some pictures of how you’ve got everything hooked up? There’s not too much we can offer for help without more info. I hope you can see how abstract those timings seem without context.

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