RF Temperature capture

I want to capture the RF temperature data being sent by sensors in rooms of my house as part of the MyPlace heating/cooling setup. The data sent currently only goes to the Daikin heating and cooling system in the roof cavity. I also have currently unused RF temperature/humidity sensors from an AcuRite system. I want to start a project with a Pi 4. I see similar projects in the past.

One thing I would like to know is which antennae I will need to add to receive the data?

I am used to computers/programming but new to Raspberry Pi. Can anyone please offer suggestions?

Hi Reg,

I’ve had a bit of a google but I can’t find any datasheets or specifications for the MyPlace temperature/humidity sensors. It should be written on the sensors or system somewhere as to what frequency they transmit at. You also might be able to get this info from the manufacturer, or maybe look into making an RF sniffer.

That said it’s often a lot easier to design your own system using known sensors and specifications.

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Thank you for your response. Do these photos of the temperature RF circuits give any clues? We have about 10 of these in various rooms sending continuously so we are invested somewhat in listening in on them if possible

Cheers Reg

Hi Reg,

I don’t see any reference to the transmission frequency on these parts. Have you considered creating an IoT (Internet of Things) style setup by using a series of Arduino in communication with each other. Each with an on board sensor. I’ll link the appropriate parts below.

All the best with your project!

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Hey Reg,

FYI, here’s the datasheet for the microcontroller on your board: https://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/cc430f5133.pdf

And it looks like a 26MHz Oscillator.

There’s a reasonable chance it transmits at 433MHz (a common standard) as it is within its operating frequency:

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Thank you for the excellent detective work… I will have to work out how to approach this. AdvanceAir who make the termperature units has also told me that to access technical information I have to apply to join their discussion forum (which I have done). Maybe they can confirm the frequency and tell me about the coding etc. I have to work out how best to intercept this RF data and hope to make this a project. Any suggestions appreciated.