Temperature Probe with bluetooth and internet connectivity

I’m looking at creating a temperature probe that passes the information to the cloud, The probe sensor will have to be waterproof, as it will be used to check the fridge (therefore in water), and food items will be checked also.

I don’t think I’ll have any issues programming the device but more need to know if this is a possibility to build.


Hi Luke
Thermocouples are a common device, quite a few different types. The K type is quite common if you don’t need super accuracy (± about 2ºC). All require some sort of interface to provide cold junction compensation and amplification.

There are lots of other devices around . Core have quite a selection of various types from different manufacturers. As for the waterproofing you would have to browse the offerings and get a short list. Search “temperature sensors” on the Core website.
Cheers Bob


Hi Luke,

How low temperature do you need your probe to measure? This one is waterproof and has a pretty impressive range while being able to interface directly with a microcontroller.

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Hey Luke,

Was the whole system going to be in the fridge as well or the processing part removed from the fridge.
Just note that if you reach the dew point water will start to form around the electronics and can lead to corrosion, even inside of an enclosure!

As for a microcontroller, I would definitely be looking as an ESP board, an ESP32 is a favourite of mine (can be programmed in micropython and has both WiFi and Bluetooth) or a Raspberry Pi Zero so you can setup a VNC server if its connected to the internet.

Keen to see how you go Luke!


A dunking in some sort of “conformal coating” or even a thin coat of Clear Araldite may fix this problem.
Cheers Bob