RFM69 and Antennas?

Firstly, apologies for the ignorant question - bit of a noob. I’m just getting into some data transmission for one of my projects using an RFM69 at 433MHz and I’m wondering how best to boost my range. Can anyone suggest an appropriate antenna? I’m tossing up between buying (but not sure which one), or could I get away with just a helical antenna made out of some enameled copper wire? Thanks for any advice.

Hi Chris,

Something like this should work, but I’ve never tried one. You will need a whip style antenna most likely that is made for the 433MHz range.

I’d caution you not to boost the power of your 433MHz though since use in that bandwidth is only allowed up to 25 mW or about 14db. It’s unlikely that you will approach that though :slight_smile:

Thanks Stephen! I’ll give it a shot. :slight_smile:

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Hi Chris, I am an amateur Radio Operator, and there are many antennas made (Commercially and Home Brew) for 433MHz which is right in the middle of a popular Amateur Radio band allocation. Meaning that 430-440MHz Amateur Band Antennas (aka 70cm Band) would work well and many would not require tuning.
Go online and look at “70cm Amateur Antennas” and you will have to shut down long before you read all that can be found. Remember that ACMA limits what your signal strength can be so you don’t interfere with others using the same frequencies. Inner city is a big issue, outer Mongolia not so much!
I showed some Antenna Theory in Diyode magazine you might like to read up. Bob, VK4WG

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Thanks Bob! Very interesting. And, I’ll definitely look at your article in Diyode. I think I need a simpler solution though. I’m just transmitting basic telemetry data, but trying to increase the transmission range. The transmitter I’m not using is particularly powerful (I’m assuming) , as it’s running off 3.7V LiPo. But I’m always interested in learning more about the theory of electronics!