Rj11 breakout board # bob 14021 mechanical layout

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re: Rj11 Breakout Board # BOB 14021
I am looking for the mechanical dwg which shows all dimensions. I have ordered the board, however I need to start on the mechanical layout of my project. I especially need distance between 2 mounting holes and board size. Have looked everywhere. Thanks.

Hey Tom,

Is this image from the site not suitable? If not once it comes back into local stock I’ll measure it up for you personally. Have a great day and Happy New Year!

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Hi Bryce, thanks but the part in question is
Rj11 Breakout Board # BOB 14021.

I think i accidentally initially posted in the under the wrong part number. My apologies.

Hey Tom,

That’s alright. Is this the part that you’re viewing?

Yes Bryce, that’s the one.

Hey Tom,

From measuring the pixels in the top down image based on the top down image I’ve found that the mounting holes are M2 bolts and are separated by 8.3mm from center to center along the edge. If you’d like I can continue to measure it up this way for the other connections and put it up on the site if you’d like.

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SparkFun use EAGLE to design their PCBs, and typically include the EAGLE design files as part of the documentation for their boards.

Eagle is a free cross platform PCB design tool, so you can use it to read the dimensions directly from the board design.

A tutorial on using EAGLE is provided by SparkFun. Hope you find this useful.

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Thanks alot Robin57159