What is this logic board connector? 10 Pin JST?

Hi there,

I would appreciate some assistance trying in figuring out what this logic board connector is, and if the female version of the connector is in stock at Core Electronics, a link to the item page.

Note the 3 grooves.


Hi Matthew,

I haven’t seen that connection before. What’s the board it on?

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Hi Bryce,

This socket is on an industrial-grade motherboard that I’m servicing. It provides a debug interface that’s exposed via the 10 pins.

Hi Matt,

Looks pretty well proprietary. Maybe if we had the make and model of the board you may be able to find a spare part but don’t think we will have it at core electronics.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. The instruction manual doesn’t detail anything about this connector, however. It’s more so one of those secret connectors.

Hey Matthew,

Yes, as Mitchell said this may be proprietary, if there’s anything else that we can do for you please let us know.

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I’ve just been through RS Components list, about the closest I could find was a Hirose DF11.

Maybe do the same with mouser - just filter to 10 pin, 2 row, SMT, polarized pcb connectors and start scrolling.

Also try the Element 14 forums. They’re a fairly switched on bunch.

Looking at the guide slots/keyways, it should be pretty visibly unique.

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Hi all
Looking closely it could be a 20 pin connector with only the 2 middle rows (10 pins) fitted.
There are literally thousands of connectors out there. If anyone has a copy of the Connector Cyclopedia you would probably find it. 3 volumes each about 50mm thick last time I saw it. Just about every connector known to man complete with tech data is listed.
Cheers Bob


Still think it is a 20 pin connector.
Try AirBorn Inc. verSl. They have connectors with the same polarising slots but seem to start at 40 pin. This may be a starting point.
Cheers Bob

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