Motor for Mecanum Wheel Kit (48mm - 4 Wheels)

A question about which DC motor are used for the Mecanum Wheel Kit (48mm - 4 Wheels) Mecanum Wheel Kit (48mm - 4 Wheels) Australia

Also can these Mecanum Wheels powered by an Arduino Uno R3 (

Hi Moritz,

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Just note that you will need a hex adapter for the wheels, I wasn’t able to track one down in Core’s store, unfortunately.

That one will depend on the weight that you are trying to move on the chassis of your robot.
I start your search and take a look at this high torque motor by Kitronik.

The motor will most likely burn out the Arduino if you connect it since it will try and draw too much current from the pins. I would check out this driver shield from Arduino that also has the pins passed through.
You simply connect two motors to the terminal blocks on the shield.

PS: If you are trying to move something super heavy I would use either a belt or gear to remove most of the load (a moment created by the mass of the robot) from the motor and onto a bearing.

If you have any other questions let me know!