Rpi-4 over clock

can the rpI-4 be over clocked and if so to what frequency


It’s not designed to be overclocked, the A72 processor is already dialled in for peak performance.

I found this guide if you did want to experiment with what little elbow room is left over (though it won’t pan out well for warranty if something goes wrong):

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And for those who like to run things very fast (and HOT) the latest versions of the RPi firmware remove the 1750 MHz ceiling, and allow frequencies up to 2000 MHz. That’s 2 GHz. Not recommended without some really serious cooling.

rpi-update gets you the latest firmware, but you use it at your own risk.

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i have it clocked at 2000 i am going to go to 2150 as soon as i get some hardware i ordered the fan riser hat adjustable speed one and a better heat-sink system…