RPi audio device and App

Yes of course, I will start testing the device and sound reach/ power(db) with speakers and ambulance horn, and I will come with the results.
However I still need to figure out what RPi I need, cause for sure a Pico wont make the cut connecting a sound device to it, a surveillance camera and the connecting them to an app to be controlled by.
I think my safe bet will be a RPi 4 model B which is kinda expensive considering most of the retailers are selling them with kits in europe and I only need the motherboard.

Hi @Andrei et al,

Here is a scale of sound levels in decibels ( dB ), Intensity ( W/s^2 ) and pressure in Pascals ( Pa ).
Note especially the small arrows above the graph, and the related arrows beneath them.

Any 3db increase == a doubling of Intensity == 1.41 x increase in the pressure wave
Any 10 db increase == 10 x the intensity == 3.16 x increase in the pressure wave
Any 20db increase == 100 x the intensity == 10 x increase in the pressure (you really begin to feel the increase in the sound level i.e. the very high energy bass notes at a concert)

The descriptive words above the graph provide a reference to typical sound sources that can generate the indicated levels of sound. And the words below give ‘human subjective’ descriptions of the sound levels.

wave_decibel_scale.pdf (52.1 KB)

The graph was generated by Izaak Neutelings using the LaTeX TikZ image language here