RS232 to Serial Converter (CE04442)

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A nifty RS232 (DB9) to Serial converter. Comes with pre-soldered 0.1" male header pins for easy connectivity to breadboards and projects.

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Hi, what’s the distance of the two mounting holes of the CE04442 module?
Do you have datasheet with mechanical info?

Hi Rodolfo :slight_smile:

We don’t have a datasheet, but I’ve grabbed one from stock and measured it up for you:



Thanks for the quick response.




Could you please include a side view with vertical dimensions? I’m considering using this for some PC Engines ALIX and APU computers which have a low profile case. I’d like to add a standard COM2 serial port to some of them, if I can fit it in.

Do you have a 4 pin header with right-angle pins that would fit this module?

Does this module use lead/tin or lead-free solder?


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Hi Grumpy, Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, we don’t have any local stock of these converters in the warehouse at the moment so I can’t grab one to measure it.
We do have right-angle header pins that should fit that module.
I’ll make a note to have someone measure a unit once it returns to stock, which should be around next week.

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Hi Grumpy,

We had some stock arrive of the RS232 to Serial converters so I’ve taken some more photos so you can gauge the height of these units.

We haven’t been provided with any certification of lead-free compliance for these products so we aren’t able to say what solder was used in assembly.