2x20 SMT Header


I have a few of the Low Profile 2x20 SMT header SKU: CE09560 on order. The most important aspect for me is that it has posts or pegs to help alignment when placed on a smt PCB. Does anyone know if there is a datasheet or footprint for this. Knowing the physical footprint will allow me to have the holes in the PCB for the alignment pegs in the exact right spot.


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Hi David
From the Core product sheet
Datasheet coming soon!
End quote

At a guess I would say the pin pitch would be the “standard” 2.54mm.
Core should be able to verify.
Cheers Bob

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Thanks Bob, yes it will be 2.54, I am more specifically referring to the pegs used to perfectly allign those 40 2.54mm pins.

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Hi David,

I reached out to our product team and they found me a dimensional diagram which should have the info you need:

We’ll have a proper datasheet PDF up soon :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much James, you guys are amazing!