Sensor board for dog training


I want to create something similar to this:

I am guessing a force sensor is being used. What products would I need to get to make this at home? Other than the covering plank of wood.


Hi Alison!

This should be pretty simple project! A good way would be a force sensor like you suggested. You just need to design the plate in a way so that the force of a step is focused onto the sensors. Imagine making it with very shot feet with a force sensor at the bottom of two of the feet. An Arduino Uno would work as the controller, and you could write a short sketch to read the voltage change from the force sensor, and activate a piezo buzzer for your tone.

I would start with two of these:

You might be able to get away with lower weight sensors. I think they will just max out when you exceed their rated rate.

One of these:

or equivalent.

And one of these:

Actually, when I put up that last link I thought of a much simpler way:

Use this to detect the board shaking when your dog steps on it. Just tape or glue it to the wood.

Then use an Arduino to control, and the enclozed Piezo to make a beep!

You can find tutorials and an online workshop on our tutorials that will walk you through how to use an Arduino and how to read from sensors such as these: