Sensor fast enough to measure a cricketball at 150kph


We are building a test rig which will fire cricktballs at 150kph. I want to measure the speed accurately, not using a radar. I was planning on using reflective IR sensors but have struggled to find one with the range (50mm or so) and importantly the response time needed (10us or so).

We are limited to the length we can measure the speed over, so response time is key.

I did think of using a mechanical microswitch, but concerned about failures over time.

Any suggestions? I did find this part, , however requires calibration to extend the range, but there are no programming kits left it appears to do this, anywhere in the world. : )

Many thanks in advance


Hello Jon,

That’s a very interesting problem, the only other solution I could think of is rather than optical to use a pair of ultrasonic sensors, or light gates that are at a set distance, then based on the time difference from reaching position one, to position two. You can easily determine the speed without having to worry about the microswitches wearing down or other similar issues. Of course, you could use RF or microwaves such as using the breakout I’ve attached for you below, but either way that should be fairly simple to integrate.

(The photoresistors below with a couple of laser diodes creating light gates at a set distance should do the trick)

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