Servo:Lite - NeoPixel / Servo Hack

Recently bought a BBC micro:Bit and Move Mini cart. (grandkids in mind)
The servo:Lite board on the Move Mini has 4 pads which allow micro:Bit P0 to drive either the NeoPixels or a 3rd servo. (not both) The instruction is to solder bridge one pad and un-solder the other to switch between the two interfaces.

I found this a limitation. Needing to remove the board solder / de-solder to change functions.
Below are pics of the hack I used to allow a jumper pin to select between the two interfaces.

I also found a digital read of PO on start up allows determination of the setting of the jumper. Low for servo connection / high for NeoPixel connection. The code then sets a variable which determines which part of the code to run in the main program.

The last pic shows the jumper in position to activate the 3rd servo, Bulldozer attachment.

Anyway, maybe of use to someone.


PS The micro:bit is an awesome educational tool, it has a huge number of interfaces.
The Microsoft Make Code IDE is easy and clear to use.
Block programming is an easy starting point.
This would be an ideal device to use in STEM classes.


Thanks for sharing James! :partying_face:

This is exactly what the forum is for, it’s unfortunate that due to the global silicon shortages there are fewer and fewer microbit boards around for projects like this (for now at least they’ll be back on shelves soon :smile:) if you ever have any questions please let us know.

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