Setting up Your Retroflag NESPi Case with a Heatsink and Fan

Sam just shared a new tutorial: "Setting up Your Retroflag NESPi Case with a Heatsink and Fan"

By now, you’ve probably seen the fancy new Raspberry Pi cases we’ve got available; the NESPi case by Retroflag. Designed and styled specifically for retro gaming systems such as RetroPie, it offers everything you need to turn your Pi boar…

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Hey Sam, thanks so much for the tutorial. It was really easy to follow, even for a slow learner like me. I was hoping you could elaborate more on the speed control you briefly mentioned. I haven’t been able to find a straightforward guide online. Thanks again!

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Hey Guys
Just a heads up, it seem that retroflag have updated their case wiring since this and the one of the ports on the GPIO header is now occupied, there are 6 wires on the header now instead of two.
Not sure what these extra wires are doing but i’ll just plug my fan into the assigned place on the board.

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Thanks Stuart,

We will just leave this up for any of the old versions :slight_smile:

Hi Stephen / Core. Would you have an updated diagram for the new version of the retroflag case as mentioned by Stuart? Thanks.