Few questions for settings up a retro console before buying anything

ello all, just a few questions about setting up a retro console with the raspPI4

i was planning on getting the raspPI 4 8gb model with the NESPI 4 case and make use of the sata connection for an 500gb SSD and use a 32gb flash card for the OS and switch between retroPI and retroArch since they both have different emulators (probably have different performance hits as well)

  1. how would i setup the flash card to be able to switch between 2 different OS? or would i have to use something else like a USB drive?
  2. would the NESpi 4 case provide enough cooling for a slight OC on the board?
  3. what sort of performance would i be able to get while playing n64, wii, ps1/2, gamecube games?

any additional tips and advice is welcomed as well since im new to all of this and generally have no idea what im doing haha, thanks in advance!

Hi Zohan,

You should be able to set up an SD card with multiple operating systems, here’s a guide for a few different setups including multiple on the same SD card

The NESPi case has active cooling so depending on your climate should be able to keep up with an OC’ed Pi!

In regards to performance, it’s a bit hard to say for sure without knowing for sure what software you were using and a wide range of other factors. It really just depends on how well optimised the emulators are.

I would recommend checkin out these links as well!



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