Should be writing for wiki

i have been told i should be writing for wiki on other forums
i have been on .
sorry i don’t know how to get access to write wikis for core so i do them in my posts…thank you…phase…

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Hi Brian,

We don’t have wiki’s for our parts ourselves, however, if you’d like to let us know about any updates to product pages at I’m sure the team here would be happy to make some additions for you. Have a great day Brian!

Core Electronics | Support


yeah cool i actually was a an administrator f headed up ther wiki iwas under the guy who was the editor or admin bloke i use to give him updates etc…and errors…etc…and assist him a great deal so may be i will write a foot print for u guys um i can plan it out for you guys ..illl get there quite busy atm… info tree for one etc… would be to your benefit and also an ease for the customers etc…