Banana Pi for DIY

More as a point of feedback, but I’d love for you guys to stock Banana Pi devices and accessories.
A lot of my DIY electronics hobbies are around home networking equipment (routers, etc.), and boards like the BPI R2 (BPI-R2) are absolutely brilliant, but hard to get in Australia without resorting to eBay sellers in China or India, with accessories of questionable quality.
Would absolutely LOVE to see these stocked by Core!

Thanks for your support of the maker community.

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Hey Alistair,

Thanks for making a post on the forum :partying_face:

I agree they’re an interesting board and they’ve got some notable differences to Raspberry Pi. We can see about bringing some on to see how they go. If you can shoot us an email with a specific part request, I’ll have it passed over to the purchasing team for you to see what we can do.

You’re very welcome Alistair, we’re glad that we can help. Enjoy your afternoon!

Cheers Bryce!

No specific part requests. I’m really having trouble finding accessories of decent-looking quality.

There are some kits of AliExpress like this one from a couple of different sellers, but they all seem to be selling the same transparent plastic case or the questionable aluminium option. I’m hoping there’s a passively cooled/thermal mass style case somewhere in the wide world similar to the Argon RPi cases you sell. I have no idea where or how to find something like that though.

Good morning Alistair,

No worries, I have a feeling we won’t be able to get that one in stock as it’s already very similar to some of the other dev kits that we supply. Although for some powerful cooling options, I’d suggest taking a look at some fan-assisted Peltier modules. They will likely be much more powerful than you need, but an interesting option to take a look at for generic cooling setups.