SHT20 I2C Temperature & Humidity Sensor (Waterproof Probe) Raspberry Pi

I’ve finally attempted to use the SHT20 waterproof temperature and humidity sensor. When I bought it I checked that it could be used with a Raspberry Pi. However I can’t find a link to sample code for the Pi.

The device does show up at 0x40.

Where can I get the sample code for the Pi?

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Hi John,

Looks like the manufacturer hasn’t provided any Raspberry Pi sample code, but I’ve found this Python library for the SHT20 that supports I2C and should get you out of trouble.

I’ve found what I needed at:

I’ve used the link and have the sensor returning temperature and humidity. I did have to install smbus2 (pip3 install smbus2) as well.

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Thanks. That is the same as someone else advised and basically the same as the Github link that I used to get the sensor working.

Hopefully having this issue on the forum will help others.


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