Small water pump to circulate water inside temperature test chamber


I’m looking for a small pump that can circulate water inside a plastic container so water can be close to uniform to perform temperature sensor calibrations. The container is sitting inside an Environmental Test Chamber.

The pump will need to tolerate temperatures up to 90C as the chamber will be heated. The pump can be battery or wired operated. Please see below image.

Thank you.

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Hi Joe,

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I’m not too sure if you’ll find any pumps that will be able to run under conditions up to 90 degrees.
Could you use a paddle or something to move the water with a motor?

Something like this doesnt have too much exposed directly but if there are any harsh chemicals in the air could speed up corrosion:
Pololu has some slower motors but they have more plastic that could glass and start melting at those temperatures, I guess that’s one of the risks in DIY!


Hi All
As Liam hinted the 90º may be the game changer. An all metal pump may be ok. A centrifugal or gear pump should not have any rubber or plastic bits to suffer. Any battery or electronics should certainly be outside the chamber, a battery, if used particularly. Unfortunately I think most small submersible pumps these days seem to be plastic, like fish tank pumps etc.
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Hey Liam,

My mind goes to the fan with embedded magnets found in the wash and cure stations sold by Creality and other chinese vendors If you 3D printed them with ABS, 90*C would be below the glass transition temperature for ABS of 105, so that’d work fine.

The only engineering challange there would be access to the outside of the container to place a motor with the opposite magnets, Without a better look at your machine I’m not sure whether the door or bottom of the machine would be the best place to look at it.

Here’s the best picture I could find:

Keen to see what you come up with!


Once you get above a certain temperature or are stirring reactive liquids I think magnetic stirrers are the go-to, but I think they max out around 4 Litres. Magnetic Stirrer - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics


Hi Joe.
Came across this. May be of interest, particularly the high temperature capability.

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