Smart washing machine based on Raspberry Pi

I have designed the UI interface, but I have not yet considered which components to use to simulate the functionality of the washing machine.
I just figured I’d use a Raspberry Pi to do it.

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Hi Lance,

Were you looking to simulate and model a washing machine, or hack a washing machine to make it “smarter”?

Washing machines can be broken down into functional components, they are:

  • motor drivers for the drum
  • switches for the door
  • heater elements for the water
  • temperature sensors for the water
  • water level sensors
  • motor drivers for the pumps
  • an audio driver for any speaker or chime
  • some sort of Human Machine Interface - which you have already designed the UI for.

I am trying to simulate some of the functions I want by using simple components. For example, I want to use motors to simulate speed control and LEDs to simulate prompting the washing machine to finish washing.


Hi Lance,

Sounds like an excellent plan for a model. I’d recommend some brushed DC micro gearmotors as the easiest to do speed control for, or perhaps a continuous rotation servo. LEDs are easily driven directly by any microcontroller.
Were you planning to use a microcontroller to control the hardware system? Did you have one in mind?


Hi, Yes, I am planning to use a microcontroller. I have used many microcontrollers.
Is there a link to the brushed DC micro gearmotors you mentioned, I would like to check it out.

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