Snap-In Panel Mount Cable - USB A Extension Cable (ADA4055)

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This panel mount cable will allow you to enclose a device that has a USB A port. Perfect for placing your project in a secure box. Both ends have standard USB A, … read more

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Hi, on your snap in panel mount usb a cable extension (ada4055) what precisely are the cutout dimensions? 26.5mm isn’t 1.0 inch, and 12.3 isn’t 0.48 inch. The width of the suggested cutout (12.3mm looks about right) but the length of 26.5 looks too long (looks like it should be closer to 22mm). I need to get this laser cut in steel, so want it to be quite accurate…


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Hi John,

I took a look at the datasheet and it’s not super clear what the dimensions of the non-flange portion are. I’m going to bust out the calipers on a unit in stock and get back to you, EDIT: Just as soon as our order from our supplier comes in


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