Panel mount HDMI Cable - 40 cm (ADA978)

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This panel mount extension cable will allow you to extend an HDMI connection and secure it to an enclosure. Perfect for placing your Raspberry Pi in a secure box. … read more

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Do you have this but for the pi 4

Panel Mount Micro-HDMI Extension

Hi Robert,

We don’t but you could get the same effect by sticking an adapter on the end:

this cable is better than small straight out adapter type units and the short ext cable putts less physical load onto the hdmi onboard sockets…let me explain further …from exp…

the small micro to large hdmi adapters when used in-conjunction with larger hdmi cables… have a tendency to twist or make the connection in between the micro plug and the micro hdmi socket not true and squarely fitted making them misaligned causing damage to either the plug or socket`s internal connections…they put physical stress on these sockets causing them to fail…after time…

so the short length adapter cable is a much better option…it gives better flex ability and less stress on the hardware…