Solar powered microcontrollers

I’m wanting a solar power solution for micro:bit and Arduino projects but unsure what parts to buy. Was thinking this DFRobot Sunflower controller looks appropriate - Sunflower: Solar Power Manager 5V | DFRobot DFR0559 | Core Electronics Australia

Unsure of what solar panel and battery to get with it?


Hi Stephen
I will leave it to someone else to suggest actual items but as a start:::

Battery size depends on how much power you need and how long it is to run, with and without sun.

Solar power and battery charging management depends on battery size and power requirement.

Solar panel size depends on all the above.

Don’t forget to factor in charger controller efficiencies and any voltage conversion efficiencies. Also the fact that you will only get 4 to 6 hours effective sunlight per day (unless you are tracking the sun).
Cheers Bob