What is the best board for solar powering a Particle + LiPo

I am trying to find the best solar power controller / charger to let me power a compact controller board like a Particle Photon or an Arduino Nano from a LiPo battery.

Best is judged by:
works with different voltage solar panels
can power a board at the same time as charging the battery
can prevent over charging and over discharging of the battery

There are lots of options out there, some of which charge the battery, some of which let you draw power from the battery (without over discharging), but it seems hard to find what does it all best.

Any suggestions?

I have looked at ADA390, but takes solar panels only from Adafruit, and only up to 6V
DFR0264 - looks good, but cannot power whilst charging according to the linked Wiki
DFR0579 - only up to 4V solar panels, but otherwise looks interesting
DFR0559 - up to 5V solar panels and no over discharge protection
DFR0535 - does lots!, but is expensive ~$48!


Hey John

You seem to have put together a fairly good list the only one that i could find that might also be a contender is the Sparkfun Sunny Buddy. Though it only supports 6v+ solar panels.