Soldering one handed help please

Hi guys,
I’ve lost the use of one hand due to a stroke :frowning:

I’m trying to find a way to still solder stuff, wires, header pins and chips onto pcbs but nothing as small as SMD

So far I’ve found these options. Are thoughts on them and where I could buy them?

Hakko Fx-8803

Hakko 373 Solder Wire Self Feeder

Any other suggestions?

Hi Brendan,

Sorry to hear that, but glad to hear you’re not letting it stop you! I know you sent us some emails but I thought I’d share the result of that here for anyone else looking.

At the moment we’re seeing if we can source a Hakko FX-8803 and Hakko C1437 holder, along with a Hakko FX-888D.

If someone wanted to go the DIY route, they might like to look into making a kind of soldering gauntlet:

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