Solenoid Valve Threads

Are the threads BSP on the following solenoid valves (SKU):
• FIT0498,
• ADA997,
• MB59001,
• ROB-10456?


From the look of the information and spec sheets online they’re a mix of connections.

FIT0498 says its a DN20 pipe
The ADA990 states it’s NPT
MB59001 is a push-on barbed connection and clamp type.
The spec sheet for the ROB-10456 say’s the following: 1/2"BSP inlet and 12mm outlet.

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This is a really interesting question. For a long time I wanted to know what all these inscriptions on pipes, ventels, etc. mean. In my childhood I thought that this was a secret code for something, but unfortunately it is just a code for a product and its designation. Honestly, there are a lot of different threads here, and in my opinion you can find a thread on any topic. I have not yet seen treads on the topics that you have asked about, but in my opinion, if you wish, you can always create a thread yourself if you have a desire to talk about the products you are looking for. I personally wanted to ask where does everyone usually buy high-quality valves for pipes? .

Hi Gabrielle
I think “threads” refers to the kind found on bolts and nuts etc. Not the kind of threads found in a forum.
Cheers Bob