12V Solenoid Valve 1/2" (FIT0498)

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This is a 12V normally closed solenoid valve with no polarity distinction. It is normally closed until powered on. You can implement real-time water flow control with our water flow sensor. It can be widely used in automatic agriculture, fisheries and other projects that require water flow control. The direction of value terminals can be adjusted according to demand. The unit has stable performance, reliable quality, high sensitivity and other advantages. The product has a protection index of IP00 and can withstand 2.0 Mpa static pressure. A high quality stainless steel spring and material give it a lifetime of no less than 200000 cycles (If used 100 times per day, this will allow for more than five years of life).

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Can I use this unit with salt water. I want to control flow from two separate bilges on a boat

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In short, I wouldn’t go for a solenoid like this.
If there is a requirement of safety in the system I would highly suggest grabbing something from a name brand with some testing behind it.

Without the water being relatively pure there is likely to be some build-up from the metals in the water onto the coils inside the valve. I had a look through some forums and they suggest looking for industrial-grade valves.



What is the duty cycle of this valve? How long is it recommended to open it at a time without damaging the coil?

Hi @Harjinder257620 - since this product is intended for DIY automatic irrigation I think it is safe to assume that implies ‘continuous’ duty with flowing water.

Looking at comments from the supplier page - there doesn’t seem to be any questions or concerns about duty cycle.