Sonoff SV - Dry Contact WiFi - Garage door

The sonoff sv makes for a great WiFi garage door opener. Variable input voltage is handy.

Only need to knock off 2 resistors and put in a bridge for dry contact mode.

I think i paid $13 for it, with the app its a cloud based garage door opener.

Needs a case though.

I have an IP camera on my garage door. I only use the Sonoff if i’ve left home and think i might have left the garage door open.

I could run a dry contact from my crestron pro2 to get a similar result, but climbing in the ceiling would be a ballache and then i would have to program all that bullshit.

Hardest part was finding the POWER PLUG pins as i didnt have any handy.

That water proof DIN output was just me being igloo australia. (fancy)

Thanks for sharing Dan! I’ve got a tutorial in the works for making slick cases with the laser cutter. Keep an eye out for it! It’s always nice to find an easy solution to a simple problem!

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To avoid all the headaches with programming, I suppose it’s better to find the master who could help you install this door opener in your garage.