Raspberry Pi (Garage Door opener)

I am wanting to turn my BND CAD 4 garage door into a smart garage door opener,
I am wanting to know what do I need to be able to achieve this I currently have a raspberry pi 3 Model B but what else do I mean


Hello J L, Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I assume that this was the datasheet for your particular model of garage door?

How were you wanting to interface with the door? I can see your model has 433.92MHz remote control units, but since your Pi is wireless you could hardwire into the door and connect to the Pi remotely.

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I was going to qire a relay into the back that connects to the raspberry pi,
Is there an easier way or is this way fine

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A relay switched by the GPIO of the Pi and connected into the door opener’s switch would have been my approach to the problem.

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Do you instructions on how?

One of our staff members Tim did a great tutorial on using relays with the Raspberry Pi recently, I’ll link it below:

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Neat idea :slight_smile: Do be careful though; garage doors are deceptively dangerous things. There’s a lot of energy stored in the springs - enough to injure about 20,000 people a year in the US! Do take note of all those warnings in the installation manual.

And while it looks like the control system on your door is 24V, make sure you stay well clear of any 240V connections!

That said, definitely seems like the simplest way to go would be to wire a relay into the control interface. You could try reverse engineering the remote, but they often (and should) have some form of security coding or encryption so other people can’t just open your door which makes it much more difficult.