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If you’re in the education sector or keep up to date with the latest STEM learning tools, then you’ve most likely heard of Sphero. It’s one of the most popular educational products which fuses a robotics with imagination and has m…

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HI I was wondering if you could please help with a Sphero question. My daughter has to program a Sphero to travel around the lines of a netball court for her maths assignment and she is having programming it to do an exact distance is there a way this can be done? Thank you.

Hi Kelli,

The Sphero can be programmed to move forward at a set speed, for set amounts of time, but distance must be calculated. Mark the start and finish points that Sphero has traveled and then you can calculate how far Sphero rolls each second when moving at that speed. This wont be incredibly precise, but its most likely the method that is intended to be used for this project.

You can calculate the distance traveled using the Locator, and the Pythagorean Theorem formula, but I’m quite certain that the instructors don’t expect that level of programming.

Good luck with your project!

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Thanks for your help Stephen

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