Motion Beanie - 02A

I wish to build a Pro-Board to integrate into a “Beanie” for a handy capped person, to control a floor based ball toy - Coding Robot: Sphero BOLT | Teach STEM for Kids
The Beanie would house – Power Supply + RazPi + MPU6050

The Bluetooth control is working on the Ball Unit via several apps - Blocks 1 - Step 3: Skills Building - Program a Square - YouTube

So I am looking for a pathway to get the RazPi to export motion data via Bluetooth from the Beanie Motion to the Sphero Ball and cause it to travel in the appropriate direction.

I found the Tilt-Direction in the Sphero-Bolt EDU app to be the first step of control, that I am looking for, later the screen would reflect the direction received from the Beanie.

The first step goal is for small head movements, to move the Sphero Ball about, I guess some gain control on Beanie Movement will be needed, also the MPU6050 would be mounted at the crown of the beanie, in the appropriate orientation to sync direction, etc . . .

Hope to hear from like minded helpers who see the benefit, to help bring a SMILE on the faces of those who NEED a laugh in their life . . .



Hey Macker,

Welcome to the forum!

You might be able to simplify this one quite a bit!
Adapting this tutorial:
You could interpret the commands with the Pi/microcontroller and then based on the movement send the respective command.
For gain control it would probably be easier to do some discrete steps, for a range of tilt.
Also it might be worth pairing the MPU with a gyro so you can get slow moving results as well, an IMU such as the one above is good at measuring fast movements but not so much for the slow ones.

PS: for bluetooth control I found this guide here: How to Control a Sphero SPRK+ with a Raspberry Pi 3 and Node.js | Jon Gallant

I’m keen to see this up and running!!