SSH into Pi from Android with 2.4GHz keyboard signal transfer


I recently ordered the Raspbery Pi and a 2.4GHz wireless keyboard with a mouse attached.

Essentially, I want to be able to SSH into the Pi from my Android to use as the screen, but also transfer the keyboard data.

I’m aware that I could use Bluetooth, but I have the feeling that a 2.4GHz connection will be more efficient albeit require some coding. I’m concerned that in places with many devices, the Bluetooth signal may be interfered with.

Also, what is your recommended set up and apps to install for use with an Android as a second environment?

EDIT: Alternatively, I have an iPad 2 that I don’t use which uses a 40-pin cable (NOT LIGHTNING) and I was wondering if I could use this instead as a second screen with a 40-pin to HDMI adapted. Would I need to flash the iPad for this to work?

Hi L,

Have you looked into VNC viewer? (RealVNC). This is an easy way to control your Pi from your Android, including using the keyboard. It comes installed on every Pi, you just need to activate it in the GUI. There is an easy to use Android app as well.